FreePBX Post Install


Ensure services are starting at boot time and reboot
In order to access and use freePBX we will want both Apache (httpd) and MySQL (mysqld) to be started at boot. 

chkconfig httpd on
chkconfig mysqld on

You can now access freePBX with your web browser.

Edit /etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf and add 'loguniqueid=yes' to the global section
nano /etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf

To change the password for administrator "recordings" GUI (access to extension voicemail, call monitoring, recording etc.)
nano -w /var/www/html/recordings/includes/main.conf.php


Edit Apache web server for GUI access using a port other than 80 (optional):
nano /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
change "Listen 80" to "Listen 8888" or whatever port you want

/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd restart

Instead of accessing FreePBX by
You now access it by

The current default settings in FreePBX after a fresh install is no username/password required to access the GUI.  To enable the Admin password edit /etc/amportal.conf and change Authtype=none to Authtype=database.  The default username/password is admin/admin.

nano +582 /etc/php.ini
change the “max filesize” from 2M to 20M to allow larger music on hold files