Backup suggestions

When backups are created in Freepbx, they are located in /var/lib/asterisk/backup and can be copied elsewhwere

If you want to restore a previous configuration, load the backup files into the above directory.  You must first create the “backup” directory or whatever name you want in freepbx backup and restore module.  If Voicemail problems occur after a backup restore, try restoring just the voicemail part.

Create Acronis Workstation 9.1 (or later) recovery DVD on a PC and boot the Asterisk server on it.  Follow instructions to create a hard drive image of the server onto the DVD.  In the event of an emergency when the Asterisk server is corrupted beyond repair, this recovery DVD can restore the server back to the fresh install state.  If it complains about writing to the same DVD disk as it booted from while making the backup, just eject the drive and slide it back in again.  Enable write cache on the 3ware RAID card for faster recovery.