CentOS Installation

Close ALL port forwards in the firewall  to the server IP we are about to install
Install CentOS from DVD by booting from it.  Set system time to UTC.
Partition /dev/sda1 as “boot” 100Meg ext3
Partition /dev/sda2 as “/ “ 74000Meg ext3
Partition /dev/sda3 as “swap” 1900Meg
Set static IP, netmask, gateway, DNS server
Make eth0 and eth1 identical except eth0 is active on boot and eth1 is NOT!
Ensure that all package groups and modules are DE-selected for install so that only a bare minimal install is done:

For performance and security reasons it is important to update the system immediately after install.
yum -y update


The following packages also need to be installed with yum:

yum install gcc gcc-c++ libxml2-devel libtiff-devel mysql-server php-gd php-mysql kernel-devel bison ncurses-devel audiofile-devel subversion libogg-devel openssl-devel tftp-server php-mbstring php-pear libtermcap-devel nano ntp wget

Disable Firewall and SELinux, this may need to be done before yum update/install if the firewall is blocking it.

service iptables save
service ip6tables save
service iptables stop
service ip6tables stop
chkconfig iptables off
chkconfig ip6tables off

 nano /etc/selinux/config

Change "SELINUX=enforcing" to "SELINUX=disabled"