Sangoma Wanpipe Installation

If you don't have a sangoma card you can skip this and go to the next section.

cd /usr/src

Check to see if this is the latest wanpipe driver.  Download the newest released or beta version for the A200D card.
tar zxvf wanpipe-3.3.x.tgz
cd /usr/src/wanpipe-3.3.x
./Setup install

Would you like to install WAN Router now? (y/n) y

Would you like update/upgrade wanpipe drivers? (y/n) y

Press [Enter] to continue...

Proceed to build WANPIPE kernel modules ? (y/n) y

Please Select Compilation Mode

1. WAN Protocol Support (Default)

        Protocols: Frame Relay, CHDLC, PPP, X25 and ADSL

2. TDM Voice (Asterisk) Support Only

        Protocols: TDMV (Asterisk) on AFT adatpers.

3. TDM Voice (Asterisk) + WAN Protocol Support

        Protocols: TDMV, Frame Relay, CHDLC, PPP, X25, ADSL

4. TDM Voice (Asterisk) + SS7 Support + WAN Protocol Support

        Protocols: TDMV, SS7, Frame Relay, CHDLC, PPP, X25, ADSL

5. Custom Compilation Mode

        Specify protocols to be added into the WANPIPE

        kernel drivers.

Please select (1,2,3,4 or 5) [Default: 1]: 2

Press Enter for Default
Press Enter for Default

Enable TDMV DCHAN Native HDLC Support & Patch Zaptel ? (y/n) y

Your Zaptel source was modified, recompile/reinstall zaptel ? (y/n) y

Everything else just continue to go with “y” or ENTER for defaults

To upgrade the Wanpipe driver proceed as follows:

check your current version

wanrouter version

Rename or delete original wanpipe source directory

Download new source from Sangoma

And just to make sure asterisk stops
asterisk stop

Now stop the wanrouter software
wanrouter stop