Sangoma Wanpipe Installation

NOTE: You are required to have Zaptel and Asterisk(?) installed before installing Wanpipe

cd /usr/src

Check to see if this is the latest wanpipe driver.  Download the newest released version for the A200D card.
tar zxvf wanpipe-3.x.tgz
cd /usr/src/wanpipe-3.x
./Setup install

Would you like to install WAN Router now? (y/n) y

Would you like update/upgrade wanpipe drivers? (y/n) y

Press [Enter] to continue...

Proceed to build WANPIPE kernel modules ? (y/n) y

Please Select Compilation Mode

1. WAN Protocol Support (Default)

        Protocols: Frame Relay, CHDLC, PPP, X25 and ADSL

2. TDM Voice (Asterisk) Support Only

        Protocols: TDMV (Asterisk) on AFT adatpers.

3. TDM Voice (Asterisk) + WAN Protocol Support

        Protocols: TDMV, Frame Relay, CHDLC, PPP, X25, ADSL

4. TDM Voice (Asterisk) + SS7 Support + WAN Protocol Support

        Protocols: TDMV, SS7, Frame Relay, CHDLC, PPP, X25, ADSL

5. Custom Compilation Mode

        Specify protocols to be added into the WANPIPE

        kernel drivers.

Please select (1,2,3,4 or 5) [Default: 1]: 2

Press Enter for Default
Press Enter for Default

Enable TDMV DCHAN Native HDLC Support & Patch Zaptel ? (y/n) y

Your Zaptel source was modified, recompile/reinstall zaptel ? (y/n) y

Everything else just continue to go with “y” or ENTER for defaults

To upgrade the Wanpipe driver proceed as follows:

check your current version

wanrouter version

Rename or delete original wanpipe source directory

Download new source from Sangoma

Stop Freepbx/Asterisk
amportal stop

And just to make sure asterisk stops
asterisk stop

Now stop the wanrouter software
wanrouter stop

Install/compile new driver as per above fresh install procedure.

NOTE:  After FreePBX install you may need to run /usr/sbin/wancfg_zaptel again to regenerate the /etc/zaptel.conf and /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf files