A2Billing v2.2 Install Guide




This guide will show how to install A2Billing v2.2 on CentOS v7.  It is assumed you already have Linux and Asterisk and Freepbx installed using a procedure similar to this one.  It is also assumed you have compiled asterisk realtime driver module (res_config_mysql) by selecting it in asterisk menuselect before compiling asterisk. We do not cover the installation of the callback daemon.

Tested using the following software:


Asterisk Freepbx on Debian (Debian v8, Asterisk v13, Freepbx v13)


This guide covers the installation of Asterisk and Freepbx from source on Debian v8. 


Tested on:

Debian v8 (Jessie)
Asterisk v13
Freepbx v13


Asterisk Freepbx Install Guide (CentOS v6, Asterisk v13, Freepbx v12)





This guide covers the installation of Asterisk® from source on CentOS. Changes in this guide compared to previous guides include the use of Asterisk v12 & v13, Freepbx v12, and the addition of the pjsip library.

Tested on:

CentOS v6 32 bit & 64 bit
Asterisk v12 & v13
Freepbx v12

Asterisk Freepbx on Ubuntu (Ubuntu v14, Asterisk v13, Freepbx v12)






This guide covers the installation of Asterisk®from source on Ubuntu.  Changes in this guide compared to previous guides include the use of Ubuntu v14, Asterisk v12 & v13, Freepbx v12, and the addition of the pjsip library.

Tested on:

Ubuntu Server v14.04 LTS 32bit & 64bit
Asterisk v12 & v13
FreePBX v12

Creating a Standby Freepbx Server for High Availability


High Availability Failover

Tested on

CentOS v6 Freepbx v2.11
Asterisk v11


Terminology used

HA = High Availability.  Does not necessarily imply automatic failover.

Primary server = Live production server currently in use.

Integrate Flash Operator Panel v2 into FreePBX

Flash Operator PanelThis guide will explain how to replace Flash Operator Panel v1, which is included in FreePBX, with Flash Operator Panel v2 on a RedHat Enterprise Linux server running Asterisk+FreePBX.  It is important to note that FOP1 is completely free whereas FOP2 is free only up to 15 buttons.  Every element is considered a button.  So all extensions + trunks + queues + parking lots + etc. must add up to 15 or less.  After that no more buttons will appear until you buy a license.

A key advantage of FOP2 is that it requires an extension and password to view.  With FOP1 there is no built in way to prevent everyone from viewing the PBX status.


High Definition VoIP on Asterisk-FreePBX

Aastra 6739i SIP phoneA short guide on how to use High Definition VoIP on Asterisk and FreePBX.

What is it
HD VoIP in the Asterisk world involves selecting the g722 codec for VoIP calls.  g722 is known as a wideband codec as opposed to g711 which is narrowband.  The nice thing about it is that it does not require any more bandwidth than g711.  Both require 64kbit/s each way for a 2-way conversation.


Asterisk/FreePBX on an OpenVZ/Virtuozzo Virtual Private Server (VPS)


This install procedure can be used in a generic OpenVZ or Virtuozzo environment or inside an all in one OpenVZ installer+GUI product such as Proxmox VE.   It is the procedure used to create servers for our Asterisk hosting service.  I am not sure how relevant it would be for Xen.  This guide covers the installation INSIDE an already created OpenVZ/Virtuozzo container (VPS sans Operating System) which would then become a functioning Virtual Private Server (VPS).  I will not be covering the OpenVZ host setup or iptables or zaptel/dahdi setup inside or outside the OpenVZ environment.