Optional installation of Octasic Softecho

cd /usr/src
et ftp://ftp.octware.net/pub/octvqe8/32-bits/latest/octvqe8-01.0x.00-pr-base.tgz
tar zxvf octvqe8-01.0x.00-pr-<arch>.tgz
tar zxvf octvqe8-01.0x.00-pr-base.tgz
cd octvqe8-01.0x.00-pr
cp -rf octvqe /usr/src/zaptel/kernel
cd /usr/src/zaptel/kernel/octvqe
amportal stop
make; make install
killall octvqed
wanrouter stop
rmmod zttranscode
rmmod zaptel
rmmod octvqe
modprobe octvqe

cd /usr/src/octvqe8-01.0x.00-pr
cp octwareec.h /usr/src/zaptel/kernel
cd /usr/src/zaptel/kernel

nano zconfig.h

Look for the line that starts with "#define ECHO_CAN" and edit it to read
(Cntl-x, y, ENTER)

nano zaptel-base.c
search for the section that starts with "/* Echo cancellation */"
There will be several similar lines defining the various echo cancellors.  Add these lines
#elif defined(ECHO_CAN_OCTWARE)
#include "octwareec.h"
(Cntl-x, y, ENTER)

cd /usr/src/zaptel
make clean; make; make install
modprobe zaptel

cd /usr/src/octvqe8-01.0x.00-pr
chmod 500 register32
chown root.root register32

If using a sangoma A200 with included softecho licenses run "wanrouter start"


Follow activation instructions

cd /usr/src/zaptel/kernel/octvqe
cp octvqed /usr/sbin/
cp octvqed.init /etc/rc.d/init.d/octvqed
chown root.root /etc/rc.d/init.d/octvqed
chmod 755 /etc/rc.d/init.d/octvqed
chkconfig --add octvqed
chkconfig octvqed on
cp octvqed.conf /etc

Edit octvqed.conf to configure the echo canceller.

reboot and verify the echo canceller is working
cat /proc/octvqe